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Fashion Bangles

Bangles can spice up your style (and wardrobe too!)

These bangles are spring-like, which makes it easy to put on and take off.

Width = 1.0cm - 1.2cm
Diameter = approximately 7cm

The spring
The clasp
Easy to put on and take off!

Come and browse thru my collection!

Lovely Red
Flower Blue
White Leaf
Glow Green
Satin Red
Snow White
Snow White is a bit oval, due to shipping
Fishy Black
Fishy Black is ORIGINALLY oval
Fishy Black defect
Purple Flower defect

Jade Pink defect

Pink Leaf defect

Glow Blue defect

Glow Blue

Red Jade

Pinky Blue

Jade Pink

Pink Leaf

Purple Flower

A new set of bangles are in, too.

Plastic type.

Diameter = Approximately 8.5cm

Width = 1.3cm to 3.2cm


Pastel Brown

Calm White

Blue Hibiscus

Fiery Orange


Big Flower

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