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Thursday, December 1, 2011


 Yup, all these items gotta go - to make way for newbies!

Fashionista Yellow / RM40

Fashionist Blue / RM40

Fashionista Pink / RM40

Shopaholic Blue / RM40

Shopaholic Yellow / RM40

Shopaholic Pink / RM40

Casual Blue / RM30

Casual Red / RM30

Casual Orange / RM30

Cutie Pink / RM30

Cutie Purple / RM30

Blue Rose / RM30

Red Rose / RM30

Purple Rose / RM30

Blue Pleat / RM25

Red Pleat / RM25

Rainbow Pleat / RM25

True Blue / RM30

Rose Button / RM30

Maroon Ribbon / RM25

Pinky / RM30

Circles / RM30

Brown String / RM25

Blue Ribbon / RM25

Black String / RM25

Orchid / RM30

Wholesale plastic bangles - ALL 7 for RM20

Wholesale metal bangles - ALL 10 for RM50 (free postage)

RM40 each

RM30 each (have minor defects on bottle only)

Wholesale - ALL for RM100

Wholesale - ALL for RM30

Alain Delon White Wedges size 7 (NEW) - RM50, preloved Polo Wedges size 7 - RM30, preloved Adidas size 9 - RM80

New night lamp - RM40

New Superman Glass Chess - RM80


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bukan nak promo, tapi nak share... ;-)

Received an email just now. Nak share ngan korang lah ni.
"Hello. Our Clothing website, offering more than 80000 styles, is interested in a cooperation with you and your blog. 
If you create a post about our Online Store you will get a coupon 
worth 10 USD - 500 USD. Depends on the traffic your website gets. 
If you are interested and your blog gets more than 1000+ Visitors a day 
please do not answer to this email but fill out this form: . If you blog gets less than 1000+ visitors a day,
no problem, you can still get a coupon here:
If you are not interested we are sorry about this email and wish you a good day. 
Regards. Peter Klein.
Dah tgk website dia tadi, pemborong pakaian dari China.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sorry 4 d absence...

I might seem not to be online at all times, BUT I do daily checks on my BLOG & FB. Feel free to browse, like & follow. If you need fast reply, I prefer SMS or TEXTING (I'll get back to you ASAP, please avoid calling!) or just leave a message in my SHOUTBOX or INBOX or EMAIL.
I still have some items to clear, all which are available at a reasonable price.
Thanks 4 being my followers, customers, friends... it's a pleasure to do business online with your continuous support! ~give yourselves a pat on your back!~

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

SELLING CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!